Your Top 3 Hidden SECRETS: On How To Make Your Bedroom Design Look Spacious


Designers are the wizzes in the business, when it comes to creating space. We know all the tips and tricks, to create a grander sense of openness in your bedroom.

By enhancing these 3 hidden secrets, you can easily be misled into thinking the space is bigger than what it truly is. All it requires is making a few, creative adjustments and placements of furniture, to create that dreaminess bedroom retreat.

  1. Minimalise your space

Your key step, to any bedroom is minimalising clutter. If it’s too cluttered it prevails a sense of busyness and closes the space inwards. Your centre focus should be your grand bed, with a few important pieces creatively position.

Clutter in your room for example, on your floor, desk, dresser or side tables, contributes to an untidy cramped feel. All unnecessary items should be placed neatly and away from your main viewpoint. Placement is key.

2. Use of an oversized rug

An oversized rug is a must for any bedroom. A simple placement of a rug can make the bedroom feel larger and cosier. A rug is definitely a must have piece, as it ties a rooms layout together nicely.

  1.  Fashioning the right bedding design

Now comes to the designer’s favourite part, which is the bedding design. Nothing like having, bedding that doesn’t match the rooms style or pillows that are too small for the bed. Having the correct pillows, bedding and throws, brings a room together as one.

The perfect arrangement of two super-king Euro pillows, will suit better than three regular euro pillows on a king-size bed. It will open up the space and bring together your dream layout.

By choosing suitable colours, patterns and textures, your room will offer the perfect lounging space, to relax and unwind.