What Is Property Styling And Will It Help Me Sell My Home?


What is Property Styling, and will it help me sell my home is the number 1 question we continually get asked. The simple answer is YES, Property Styling will optimise the turnaround time and maximise the sale price of your property. 

Property Styling, also known as home staging, is when an Interior Stylist stages your home by rearranging your existing furniture, adding some accessories and other furniture to complete the look, or staging a vacant property. Property Styling helps the potential buyers to visualise how they would use the space. Often you find buyers spending more time in a property that has been staged as it allows them to ‘connect’ with the property. 

Professional Styling is an important element in a marketing campaign. The more buyers your property appeals to, the better the outcome. Most properties are viewed online, so visual appeal in photography is extremely important. Property Styling achieves this, making your property stand out from others. Being visually appealing and standing out when viewed online, will encourage more people through the door and helps potential buyers to see how they could imagine living in the property.

Our clients include investors, home owners and developers. We cater for all requirements, whether you have just completed a renovation or build, and have decided to sell or maybe your tenant is moving out, or you’re living in your property whilst selling.  

Whatever the scenario, we will style your property to maximise the sale price. 

Our goal is to style each property targeting the likes and needs to the best suit and attract buyers, which in turn will optimise the turnaround time and maximise the sale price of your property.