Top Tips To Style Your Kitchen Bench


The kitchen is often the center of attention in most homes and it’s important to style your kitchen bench in a way that is inviting and functional. I often get guests visiting my home who just fall in love with my kitchen almost immediately. A friend of mine actually commented on how relax and peaceful she felt being in my kitchen space! I told her “the secret is keeping everything clutter free”. Here’s our top tips to style your kitchen bench!

Top Tip 1: Placing fresh fruit on the kitchen bench  

A simple (and nutritious) way to add colour to your kitchen is by adding nature’s candy to your bench-top! Create and inviting space by placing fresh fruit in your favourite bowl! Our go-to fruits are apples, oranges, lemons, avocados and pineapple! Additionally, it also acts as a reminder to eat your fruit – “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away!”

A table with a bowl of fruit on it

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Top Tip 2: Styling your bench with cookbooks  

We love to style our kitchen bench with multifunctional objects to avoid cluttering the space. Styling with a cookbook will help inspire you to use new recipes and expand your cooking, which will make your whole family happy. Some of our favourites are the Marie Claire cookbooks and The Kinfolk Table.   

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Top Tip 3: Hand Soap and Moisturiser in the kitchen

There’s nothing better than fresh, aesthetically pleasing soap! Stay hygienic and trendy by adding some Alive soap and moisturiser into your kitchen. Not only do they smell amazing, but they will help keep your family happy and healthy. Lastly, we have also been putting hand sanitizer in soap dispenser to keep us extra protected. Don’t forget, you can purchase Alive products through us. Message us for more details.  

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Top Tip 4: Greenery or flowers  on the bench

Greenery or flowers are the perfect kitchen bench decor! They beautifully improving the overall feeling in your home and by adding a touch of colour, your space instantly feels more wholesome, clean and welcoming.

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We hope you implement some of these top tips to style your kitchen bench! For more tips and tricks on how to style your home, check out our other blogs!