Top 5 Winter decorating tips for a cozy home


We are now in the Winter months, and it is the perfect time to update your home.  In comparison to a lot of other places in Australia, Queensland winters are a lot warmer. However, they are still a distinct change from our hot summers.  Keep reading to find out our top five winter styling tips to welcome the cooler weather.

Tip #1: Lighting   

Firstly, lighting! having fresh and bright light through your home allows you and your guest to feel comfortable and at ease. During the winter months, there are fewer daylight hours so it is crucial to ensure that all of your bulbs are working. To help improve the light quality you could increase your bulb’s brightness or even pick the right colour bulb for your space. A warm tone light gives a welcoming and relaxing feel whereas a cool tone light brightens up the space. The brightness of the bulb is determined by lumens.  Lumens are the measurement of light. The table below best describes the measurements of lumens emitted. 

Another way of improving light in your home is by adding lamps to different rooms. There are so many different floor and table lamps available. Furthermore, It is fun choosing new lamps as they will add to the décor of your space. 

Tip #2: Blanket and Throws  

As winter is coming, a  throw/blanket is a must in any home. You will need not just one but many throughout your home to make your family feel as cosy and comfortable as possible. We love adding a throw to each bed when styling a property. This will enhance the comfort of the room. Furthermore, having a throw on the couch is also a good way to spice up the overall feel and look. Not only the space feels warm and fuzzy, you could also snuggle on the couch to read a book, binge on your favourite TV series or even just hanging out. A throw/blankets serve more than just aesthetic. There is a large range of different throws to choose from. Don’t forget to read our blog on our Current Favourite Winter Throws

Tip #3: Plants   

Plants are essential in all homes. Particularly in the cooler weather as we tend to spend more time inside trying to keep warm.  Plants are proven to boost mood and reduce stress levels. So to keep feeling positive this winter add more greenery and plants to your home.  

Tips #4: Bright Decor Ideas  

Just because it is winter doesn’t mean you need to go dull! Add some bright décor items to your home to continue that bright happy mood all year long! We love incorporating colour by changing up our bedroom and couch cushions. These are easy items to change regularly to continue to add fresh spark to our home. 

 Tip #5: Home Fragrances  

The smell of your house can have a massive influence on the feel of your home. We have all entered someone’s home and been hit with a beautiful scent that has put us in a positive mood right from the start. There are many ways to fill your home with a beautiful seasonal scent. You could arrange a pine cone decoration, cinnamon sticks in a small vase or you could simply purchase a new candle or diffuser.