The Styled House – The ‘Whitehaven’ project – Fixtures and Fittings to the Finishing touches


From fixtures and fittings to the finishing touches, everything on the ‘Whitehaven’ project was carefully picked by The Styled House! 

How did we do this? Firstly, Alice enrolled in The Three Birds, Reno School. “This was an amazing insight into the whole renovation process and a look at the current key trends” Alice mentioned. Before choosing your tradesmen, it’s best to also select every single fixture and fitting. This allows a builder to provide a fixed-price building contract. 

What’s a Schedule of finishes? 

Schedule of finishes is every single specification on the build/renovation. For the Whitehaven project, we selected everything down to the hinges to use for each door to ensure everything was included and carefully picked prior to the build getting underway.  

There are two reasons why this is so important:  

Firstly, budget – everything on the schedule of finishes is included in the build quote.  

Secondly, you will not have your builder calling you on the day that they need to have something installed questioning what you wanted or even worse, not even asking you at all and then you are stuck with the choice a builder made. 

For a schedule of finishes, we just use an excel which we modify slightly for each project. If you would like a copy of the one we did for the Whitehaven project, please contact us at and we would be more than happy to share it with you! 

How do you choose the items? 

According to Reno School, you need to firstly create your mood board. It is extremely important that you always reflect back to it for any decision throughout the project. Alice thoroughly recommends you complete Reno School through The Three Birds Renovations prior to any project. The wealth of knowledge you will obtain and the priceless Facebook Group will help you make sure you are on the right path with your project. From this, Alice went to the Abey showroom for bathroom, kitchen, outdoor kitchen and laundry requirements, then Dulux for colour samples and swatches, the Choices Flooring for carpet and the list goes on. Everything should be thought of prior to even sending off requesting quotes from builders. 

When the build was finally completed, we were then able to get in and style the home. Room by room measuring the spaces to ensure the right pieces were selected, we mostly chose pieces from Globewest, Bay Gallery, Freedom and Bayliss to furnish all the spaces. 

All this careful planning the “Whitehaven” project in Bardon sold at Auction for $3 050 000. The seller walked away very happy! 

Click the link to view the property before renovation:

Click the link to view the property after renovation: