Styling with Books and Magazines – Our Top Picks


We love styling with books and magazines and we love having them in our own homes! Changing up the books and magazines in your home regularly can inspire conversation and easily freshen up your space. Need some inspiration for which books to buy (or borrow) for your humble abode? See some of our favourite picks below!

Tom Ford 

Its simple yet striking cover instantly brings class to any coffee table. This piece includes all of Tom Fords work from 1994 to 2004. Above all, this book displays work from both Gucci add Yves Saint Laurent, whilst masterfully combining his vision for the brand through architecture, store design, and advertising.

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Poolside with Slim Aarons 

Poolside with Slim Aarons focuses on pools and features images from stunning locations of the beautiful and wealthy enjoying the high life. This book has us longing for a vacay! 

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This is a complete overview of Prada’s womenswear collections. Featuring images from 1988 to today, this book showcases Prada’s masterful catwalk photography.

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You can style with books and magazines all over your home. We love using books and magazine in our kitchens too! Styling with a cookbook on your bench will help inspire you to use new recipes and expand your cooking! One cookbook we use regularly is The Kinfolk Table which is one-third cookbook, one-third narrative tale and one-third international adventure. It features a collection of 85 recipes from countries all around the world.

Similarity, we love using Donna Hay cookbooks which are known for their simple recipes and beautiful photography.

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Finally, don’t forget you can also use the beautiful catalogues that you get from your favourite stores or borrow them from friends and family! One of my friends has a hard cover Tag Heuer catalogue book which they were going to throw out! I quickly jumped in and said I would have it! It now sits perfectly in my lounge room.  

No matter the size and style of your space, you can always spruce up your home with books or magazines!