Meet the Agent – Lucy Jones at Calibre Real Estate


How long have you been an agent for?  

5 years, I started in administration while I was at Uni and moved into leasing and then business development followed by sales.  

Why did you decide to get into Real Estate? 

I have always had an interest in property and analysing sales trends. With an urban development background, I thought combining this with a knowledge of the whole real estate business from admin through to sales I would be able to offer my clients a service that was different and set me apart from others in the marketplace.  

Why do you recommend Property Styling to your clients?  

Based on my experience, Property Styling is about creating a space that outshines similar properties in the area by offering the ‘wow factor’ and a space that buyers can visualise themselves living in the home. Once most buyers can see themselves living in the property, this creates significant competition and assists in achieving a premium sale price and result.  

What advantages do you think Property Styling has when properties are viewed online?  

The main advantage is that styling can multiply the space, flow, and appeal to a wide range of buyers. The photos and marketing technique employed by the agent needs to draw as many potential purchasers in as possible and this is largely dependent on how the home initially presents virtually. 

Do you personally notice a difference in buyer engagement?  

Yes, the more attractive the property presents online and during open houses, the more buyer activity and engagement is generated. Buyers act more quickly in deciding whether it suits their needs when it is styled and typically more people are interested in the property when it presents beautifully from the outset. I would personally never sell a property I own without styling it, and I treat everyone’s sale like it is my own so I am a strong advocate for Property Styling. 

Please comment on your recent experience with The Styled House 

The Styled House was appointed to style my client’s home in Stafford. They worked with me to first determine who our target market was to create a vision for the house that would have the most impact and appeal for my marketing campaign.  My client couldn’t even recognise her house once the furniture was installed as it totally transformed the space and created more usable spaces throughout the home. We achieved an amazing response to how the house presented and it was sold within 3 days of being on the market for a great price. The styled house was excellent communicators and deliver an outstanding service at a competitive price. I couldn’t recommend them enough!