Interview with Fit-Lato Co-Founder – Jane Morgan


At The Styled House, we love all things style, fashion, health and fitness. This week, we were fortunate to interview Jane Morgan, one of the co-owners and brains behind Fit-Lato.

Jane Morgan, a former elite junior athlete for the Australian Hockey team turned pharmacist and co-founder Indika Liyanage, an engineer, combined their knowledge, skills, passion for health and fitness and Jane’s crazy sweet-tooth in a quest to create an indulgent product which tastes great, is made from naturally sourced ingredients and is guilt-free.

All containing less than 360 calories per tub, Fit-Lato is a high-quality gelato using ethically sourced ingredients and no artificial sweeteners. Their range consists of 20 delicious flavours all being low calorie, high protein and low in sugar.  

What Inspired you to start Fit-Lato

It was a combination of things!

1. I love health and fitness

2. I love sweets

3. I owned a gelato shop but rarely ate gelato because it was too unhealthy to eat regularly

What do you love about owning Fit-Lato?

I used to work for big, corporate companies. I would get annoyed that I couldn’t step outside my comfort zone to think laterally because I had to work within the guidelines of their systems and procedures.

Also, I love dreaming about new ideas and new things so I love the freedom to dream about owning my own business.

Who is your target audience?

Anyone that loves sweets, but we tend to have a large number of followers or devotees in the 25-40 age group who are interested in a healthy lifestyle.

How did you come up with your name?

My sister picked it!

How did you choose your logo and the design for your containers?

My amazing designer, Annie Griffiths.

How long did it take for you to develop your product?

One year, and we are still developing! We cannot be complacent so we are constantly looking for new ways to improve the taste, texture and health of our product.

Where does your love for health come from?

Being involved in sport from a young age.

What is your favourite flavour?

It changes every week, but at the moment it’s Cupcake and Nutella donut!

Do you have further plans for your company?

Yes! To be in as many countries as possible and to get a national roll out with either Coles or Woolworths.