How-Tos: Style a Kitchen


When buyers are searching for their new home, a kitchen is where most buyers focus their time, so it’s important to get the styling right.   Whether you have a family, living with your partner, friends or living alone the kitchen is a place for entertaining or just preparing the daily meals. If you have recently renovated your kitchen or if it is in original condition, our process doesn’t change. 

Step 1 : Remove and clean

Remove everything from the kitchen and clean all surfaces. It is always easiest to style when you start with a blank canvas. Nothing to distract you from what you are trying to achieve.  We always find it is a lot easier to add to a space rather than remove items. 

Step 2  : Kitchen bench

We then recommend ensuring the benches do not contain any items that can be stored away and out of sight, ensuring clean lines. Keeping the bench clear can change the whole feel of a kitchen. A clear bench creates a positive calm vibe. 

Step 3 : Less is more

Less is more. When you are ready to style, we recommend simple is best.  

Step 4 : Kitchen decors

Selecting key items for your kitchen depends on how much bench space you have. Remember, less is more and a clear bench creates a positive vibe. The following are key items we use when styling. 

  • A Cookbook – A cookbook on display will inspire you to shine in the kitchen.  Food makes people happy. Displaying your favorite cookbook will help create that positive vibe. 
  • Round wooden chopping/serving board – The natural tones help to create a welcoming comfortable environment. 
  • Beautiful salt and pepper shakers – Nothing like adding a bit of spice to your life. Again, here we have used natural wooden salt and pepper.   
  • Soft linen napkins – Use soft white linen to create a subtle, sophisticated look and feel. 
  • Some beautiful crockery – Include a selection of platters, plates, coffee cups, water glasses, and entertaining items. 
  • Last but most importantly, some greenery  

When styling your kitchen don’t forget this is all you need, everything else should be hidden. Keep the bench clear, a clear kitchen bench creates a positive calm vibe.   

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