How-Tos: Style a Bathroom


From a large family bathroom to a small ensuite, bathrooms can dramatically range in size.  There are key styling décor accessories that can be used across all types of bathrooms.

The first item, which we believe is the most important, is bath towels.  Beautiful bath towels are not only a dream to wrap yourself in but can also improve the look and feel of your bathroom space. 

We absolutely love Sheridan bath towels! These can be purchased in a wide range of sizes and colours.  To avoid colour clashes, the colour of your chosen towel should suit the interior of your bathroom. 

You’ll then need to consider what you’d like on your vanity.  This does depend on size but the key is to keep this space clutter free.  We suggest hand soap and moisturiser as well as a small plant or greenery.  Yes that is it – that’s all we have at home!  All bathroom items should be hidden away to achieve a minimalist look on your benches.

Our hand soap and moisturiser of choice is definitely the Alive Range.  Oh how we love the Alive range – we think it’s the bees knees!  We don’t only style with them but their products are a staple in our bathrooms.  These small additions can update the vibe of your bathroom instantly.  If you’re interested in purchasing soaps or moisturisers from the Alive range, please contact us for prices.

Lastly, you’ll need to decide on your greenery.  This can be fresh or artificial, however, don’t choose something too large that it takes over the space.  Depending on your bathroom’s décor, you can place this piece on a small marble or time tray.

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