How to Style a Lounge Room 


The lounge room is one of the most used rooms in a home. This space needs to be styled so that prospective buyers feel at home. They must feel like it is a place they can sit down and relax with their family whether that is to watch a movie, play a game, read books, or just a place to sit and chat.  

The key to a perfect lounge room style is not to clutter with too much or incorrectly sized furniture. 

Lounge room furniture needs to fit the space so selecting the correct lounge or lounge plus armchairs is the first decision.   Before we begin styling, we would first measure the space to ensure that we use the perfect size furniture for the area.  

Do not forget a side table but only if there is space. Remember you do not want to overcrowd the room.  

Next up is to choose a rug perfect for the space, the correct size and colour to compliment and not overpower the room. No matter what the flooring – carpet, cork, floorboards etc, a rug provides a layer of comfort to any space. The Styled House also sells the entire range of Bayliss and Rug Culture rugs brand new with complimentary delivery! Mention this blog to receive 15% off RRP. 

To complete the perfect lounge room, it needs to be styled with accessories. This could include your favourite coffee table book; it is sure to inspire new conversations. Our favourite coffee book is currently the Tom Ford book for its boldness and monochromatic statement. Plants are also a staple in styling a lounge room as they complement any room! They are known to boost mood, productivity, and creativity. They will leave the prospective buyer with a positive vibe.