Case Study: 3 bedroom Home in Stafford sold after the first open house


The owners of this 3 bedroom home in Stafford were living in the property and decided to move out for the sale of their home. The house was partly furnished with oversized furniture, so we presented the owners with styling options and recommendations. This included removing the bulkier furniture and installing more appropriate pieces for the space.  We were working with a small living space so our recommendations included smaller armchairs, a 3 seater couch and the repositioning of the TV and couch from where the owners originally had had their furniture placed. Once our furniture was installed, the home had defined spaces for the lounge, dining and kitchen areas. The lounge doors were able to open out to the front verandah which they weren’t previously able to do as a large couch blocked this entrance. 

A few words from the selling agent, Lucy Jones (Calibre Real Estate);  

“I loved working with The Styled House on this property as they created a space that attracted our target market. Their work fully transformed the property, made the spaces integrate really well and the buyers fell in love with the property when they first entered the house. They made comments that it was “beautifully presented” and they could “see themselves living here”. After launching late on a Thursday afternoon, I had secured multiple offers and by Monday, it was under contract. In this short marketing campaign of 3 days, the property received 91 enquiries and 54 groups inspected the property within 60 minutes. The styling helped us achieve an excellent price” 

The styling package that we were able to offer the sellers was under $3,000 which visually enhanced the space and helped define each room for potential buyers. If you would like similar results to this, contact us for a complimentary quote